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Proposed sailing route: Saronic Gulf

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

What to expect to see while sailing and discovering the beauty of the Saronic islands?

Vathi Methana:

Reasons to visit:

easily accessible Green landscapes Paths rare flora

What to see?

Antiquities volcano of Methana ideal destination for families Its small harbour is well protected from the weather and is a docking site for yachts and other boats


Reasons to visit:

easily accessibleone of the most cosmopolitan and the same time picturesque Greek islands

Famous beaches

Most popular Hydra beaches are Vlichos, Kaminia, Bisti and Agios Nikolaos

What to do?

Divingtaste the famous traditional almond sweets, amygdalotaVisit Dokos island  (between Hydra, Spetses and the mainland coast of Ermioni Peloponnese)


Reasons to visit:

easily accessiblevery famous and cosmopolitan destinationpicturesque capital

Famous beaches:

Most popular beaches: Ayioi Anargyroi, Ayia Paraskevi, Ayia Marina, Xylokériza, Vréllos, Zogeriá

What to do?

Visit Cave of Bekiris (it is easily accessed by the sea, close to Agioi Anargyri beach)


Reasons to visit:

easily accessiblepicturesquegreenery and blue-green waters

Famous beaches:

Askeli, Monastiri, Love's bay, Neorios

What to do:

At Askeli and Neorio villages there are organized water sports centersscuba diving


Reasons to visit:

easily accessible

What to do:

Visit Moni island (blue-green waters)Visit Perdika

Famous beaches:

Souvala, Agia Marina, Moni and Perdica beach..

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